25 – Undirected Generative Models

In this last lecture, we will discuss undirected generative models. Specifically we will look at the Restricted Boltzmann Machine and (to the extent that time permits) the Deep Boltzmann Machine.


Reference: (* = you are responsible for this material)

  • *Sections 20.1 to 20.4.4 (inclusively) of the Deep Learning textbook.
  • Sections 17.3-17.4 (MCMC, Gibbs), chap. 19 (Approximate Inference) of the Deep Learning textbook.

9 thoughts on “25 – Undirected Generative Models

  1. Like we saw in class, it’s possible to use an autoEncoder to pre-train the layers of a neural net, and then fine tune the parameters on another task (classification, for example). Is it possible to do the same thing with RBM? To pre-train an RBM and then convert the model for another task, like classification?


  2. There is a paper, The Potential Energy of an Autoencoder, shows two interesting things:
    1) Most common autoencoders are naturally associated with an energy function
    2) For autoencoders with sigmoid hidden units, the energy function is identical to the free energy of an RBM


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