Q12 – Function Representation and Network Capacity

Contributed by Pulkit Khandelwal.

Let us say that we are given two types of activation functions: linear and a hard threshold function as stated below:

  • Linear:  y = w_{0} + \sum_{i}w_{i}x_{i}
  • Hard Threshold:  y=\left\{  \begin{array}{@{}ll@{}}  1, & \text{if}\ w_{0} + \sum_{i}w_{i}x_{i} \geq 0 \\  0, & \text{otherwise}  \end{array}\right.

Which of the following can be exactly represented by a neural network with one hidden layer? You can use linear and/or threshold activation functions. Justify your answer with a brief explanation.

  1. polynomials of degree 2
  2. polynomials of degree 1
  3. hinge loss
  4. piecewise constant functions

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